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Yin yoga is a passive contemplative practice of long holds that targets the connective tissue with the intention of lubricating the joints, calming the mind and emotions to open a portal to the spirit. This provides us with an opportunity to remember the truth of who we are in our essential nature. By targeting the subtle energy body, we support our emotional health and well being. When we maintain a posture for at least 3 minutes at an edge of slight discomfort this allows a healing mechanism to be triggered and enhances our ability to abide with whatever arises. This fortifies us on many levels, and cultivates our capacity to feel our true strength and our ability to confront and successfully navigate through whatever comes up in the practice and ultimately in life.This is a practice that strengthens us both on and off the mat.
All 7 yoga daily practices for each of the Archetypes
All 7 yoga workshops for each of the Archetypes
All 7 chakras practices and workshops and all 4 gifts of change.
Lifeguide,Yoga teacher, intuitive and spiritual counselor, Tarot master, hypnotherapist

    My practice chooses the asanas that best targets each of the chakras. We intentionally invite attention towards each of  the chakras using specific breathing practices, visualizations, and affirmations  with the intention of healing and rebalancing each of them.
     Yin yoga targets the yin tissues, the joints, the ligaments and the bones to maintain their healthy capacity. Yin yoga is a chi enhancement practice that amplifies the quality of our energy, and supports a smooth mobility in the connective tissue. Yin tissues need to be pulled and compressed to maintain pliancy (when stressed appropriately they grow back  a little stronger and more pliant) and the meridians that course through them are nourished with more chi.
    Yin refers to the feminine aspect of our nature, that which is cooler, less mobile, more hidden, and mainly stationary.  This is a  practice of steady stress, by stimulating the circulation of chi through the meridians and the ligaments which allows us to maintain elasticity in the joints, which allows muscle groups to soften and exposes joints to pressure as it pulls the skeleton apart concentrating chi in deeper yin tissues.(bones and ligaments). We target the ligaments with the purpose of loading the ligaments with chi  (we are not stretching them.) Stimulating the healing of degenerative tissue as it is the chi that heals. This passive practice encourages the development of the more feminine, passive, receptive side of our nature which gives us the opportunity to be more balanced and enhances our overall well being.   
   This practice is truly a physically and spiritually theraputic practice that insures harmonious balance of the body, mind and spirit by providing stable strength and smooth mobility in the connective tissue, which houses a liquid rich and highly sensitive energetic system that is the portal between the physical and spiritual aspects of our being. Our state of mind is directly related to our energy body. With the invitation both mentally and physically of focusing the energy in the center of the body we fortify ourselves in our ability to overcome the distractions of emotional disturbance and overactive thoughts.
    Yin yoga can best be described as like an accupressure session, by applying intentional pressure through the asanas and enhancing and restoring energy that flows through the meridians. This practice insures healthy distribution of chi (life force energy) by increasing the flow of prana into more balanced patterns. This activating energy flows through the meridians (invisible rivers of energy) which flow through all tissues and bones moistening the joints and revitalizing the energy body. By pulling and pressurizing the tissue this triggers the body natural healing repair response inviting chi and blood to flow to these areas, making them more lubricated, stronger and more usable.
This one day event offers you the opportunity to use yoga to journey through the chakras, holding the intention of awakening the intuition. Supporting you in rebalancing and clearing all obstacle and blockages so that you can reconnect to your channel and have a clear and strong relationship with your intuition and guidance.
Learning the techniques to master the emotions and the mind supports you in overcoming and liberating you from negative mental and emotional patterns, that if left unchallenged can run you and keep you trapped in your habitual conditioned response and reactivity, disconnecting you from the wisdom of your own innate knowing.
You are invited to experience a simple yet powerful mediative yin yoga practice, cultivating  a deep inner stillness within the asanas. Purifying and decongesting the inner channels, the nadis, the rivers of life, that connect you through your chakras to your spirit and your innate wisdom. 
You will be guided toward an inner exploration, to discover what obstructs your intuition so that you can transform it. Working with the breath, visualizations and skillful questions we will reveal the beliefs and the energy that reside deeply in the root of the chakras, (where your karma is stored) that need to be cleared in order for your intuitive channel to be clear and open.
Enjoying the support and insight that accompanies group dynamics this unique opportunity invites you deeper into your spiritual evolution, healing and growth. 
This workshop will liberate you to a deeper connection with your intuition and launch you on a journey to your own direct knowing. Your soul will be nourished in way that supports you in trusting yourself. With intuition and logic working clearly together hand in hand you are able to fully realize your potential.
Benefits of open and activated intuition include:
1.) More positive attitude
2.) Increased creativity and imagination
3.) Faith in your own insights
4.) Heightened experience of trusting the self and others
5.) Increased experience of synchronicity and good luck
This practice is designed to purify cleanse and detoxify you on every level, bringing you back to the wholeness of who you are. We will dive deeply into your body in a way that supports the release of depression, fear, guilt, self-doubt and anxiety. You will learn the three steps to transform consciousness and rebalance the emotions, bringing you out of fear into love. You will learn the essential skills of  presence, compassion and breath that provide the necessary foundation for transformation to be possible.
In the morning you will experience a simple yet powerful meditative yin yoga practice, cultivating a deep inner stillness within the asanas. Then we will purifying and decongest the inner channels, the nadis, the rivers of life, that connect you through your chakras to your spirit.
In the afternoons you will be guided toward an inner exploration, a true psycho-spiritual inquiry into each of the chakras. Working with the breath, visualizations and skillful questions we will reveal the beliefs and the energy that reside deeply in the root of the chakra where your karma is stored.
Enjoying the support and insight that accompanies group dynamics this unique opportunity invites you deeper into your spiritual evolution, healing and growth. I will offer insights to identify and resolve areas of your life that are most challenging and difficult for you to move through. This will illuminate where and how you are hooked into old patterns of belief and emotional reactivity, offering you the insight, the tools and the opportunity to liberate from habitual ways of being, emotional stress and mental anguish. I will illuminate where your growing edge is and provide a specific practice for you to focus on.
We will then rebalance each of the chakras with a consciousness shifting journey back to the truth of your essential nature.  Bringing about a state of inner balance, inner peace and self-acceptance. Moving from fear into wisdom from self doubt into empowerment from anger into compassion from fear into love.
Yoga for Detoxification, Purification and weight loss.
This workshop is designed to detoxify, cleanse and purify on every level.

Using specific breathing practices, visualizations, affirmations
and sound, this unique combination of ancient and modern techniques will
cleanse and detoxify your system physically, mentally, emotionally and
Starting with a gentle active flow and progressing to a meditative passive
practice, we will dive deeply into the body in a way that supports the
release of  toxicity in the body, the thoughts and the emotions (such as
depression, grief, self-doubt and anxiety.)  Activating the body’s natural
healing and detoxification mechanisms.
We will journey through the chakras to invite you back to balance, to the
wholeness of who you are. You will be supported in establishing a deep
connection to your essential nature, this brings about a state of inner-balance,
peace and self -acceptance. This deeply nourishing practice will reconnect
you with yourself and leave you feeling clear, restored and renewed. This
practice is designed to support weight loss and restore balance.
    Thankfully, we have finally arrived at the full wisdom of who we really are, we now
know that our health and our weight is as much about what happens between our ears
as it is about what happens between our lips. Our thoughts, our consciousness and our
energy shapes us and determines our weight at least as much as our diet and our exercise
choices do. When we finally add these important factors into the equation then
we can really start making progress in utilizing all our faculties in arriving at our perfect
    No longer are we limited to the ideas of starving ourselves until we pass out or having to run ragged around
a million tracks in order to drop a few pounds and arrive at our optimum weight. As we move towards our new
holistic consciousness and away from the old black /white polarized thinking, we expand into a fresh new
perspective about how we can arrive at our healthiest most balanced body and weight. 
    This practice is designed to bring all these factors together in a complete practice, by utilizing a potent detox
breath, the use of affirmations to heal and align the consciousness and inviting the chakras back to balance.
The body shapes itself around the chakras, so when you are balanced internally you will be externally in shape.
Throughout this practice you will be guided back to the truth of who you are as a spiritual being, along with a
skillful use of the breath, visualizations, and affirmations. You will guided into the cultivation of compassion, (extending
loving kindness to the self) as a  support in managing stress, by stimulating the relaxation response.
You will be shown how to actually practice loving yourself. This will support you in returning  to your balance
mentally and emotionally.
    A shift is consciousness is required for us to start wanting what is healthy, when our thoughts are balanced and
in alignment with the truth of who we are in or essence, in our spiritual nature, we will naturally make choices to
be healthy. When we are balanced we will make choices that keep us balanced. when we are imbalanced we will
make choices that keep us imbalanced. So in order to attain our best natural weight we need first to arrive at our
remembering of the truth of who we are in our essence. Accepting ourselves as we are and knowing what is
realistically possible, as opposed to what we are supposed to look like, actually frees us up and allows us to arrive
at our best, healthiest body. Truly loving ourselves is essential in order to allow ourselves our most beautiful
body, this practice teaches how to elevate the idea of loving yourself into an act, a practice.
The yin yoga applies pressure to specific meridians to flood them with chi to support them in flushing out
any stored toxins in relation to those channels, the liver, the kidney, the spleen etc.,  the health of the organs is
directly related to the health of the meridians that flow through them. As we support the vitality and flow of chi
through the meridians we also support the health of the organs. As we flood the meridians with chi we support
the detoxification process.  Bringing the energy to the center of the body where the chakras resides supports in
harmonizing our chi which brings about a state of coherence, This is a chi enhancement practice which amplifies
the quality of energy and the focus of the mind, cultivating the more contemplative aspects of our nature which
allows us a portal, a pathway to remember the truth of our essential nature.
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