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Discover your Energy code

Did you know that your body is communicating with you all the time, it is speaking clearly in the language of body. It is consistently providing you with clues, insights, invitations and information about how you are doing mentally, emotionally, and physically. It is consistently offering up invitations for you to, raise your awareness, to come back to balance, and possibly even arrive at optimum wellness.

Do you think it might be helpful for you to have a guide to interpret these communications so that you could accept those invitations and arrive into greater, health, harmony and happiness. Throughout my 30 years of working with clients it has become clear to me that our imbalances arrive initially in our auric field and expresses themselves on the mental level in the form of negative thoughts and then if left unaddressed it advances into our emotions and expressed itself into the form of lower emotional vibrations and show up in the form of grief, anxiety or depression amongst other negative feelings. If left un-addressed here that energy has no choice but to express itself in your physical body in the form of physical illness.

The illnesses that we suffer are not random or disassociated from our life challenges our traumas and our journey through life. In fact our physical health is our receipt of our life difficulties and our responses to them. All of this is why it would be a good choice for you to know more about what your energy type is. Once you have this understanding you will be able to connect to some simple practical remedies that have some profound and transformative results.

I created the bookios with the intention of providing the most practical, least expensive, no frills ways to get potent transformative tools that can positively impact your life on every level.

The tools contained in the bookios can be used both preventatively and curatively.

As I mentioned our imbalances express themselves mentally and emotionally before they arrive into the physical body. So when we address those imbalances on those subtle energy levels they can be resolved there averting the associated physical issuses.

Also we can access the imbalances

through the physical container and resolve them on every level,

Let’s take a deeper dive into the what is contained in the bookios and looking deeper at the tools the meditations and yoga practices. Whenever we access the subconscious mind we are able to create profound solutions around our habitual patterns and our conditioning. First of all I will share more insight into the material in the bookios that are the same as in the course then I will introduce you to the yoga practices.

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