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Inner Lite Yoga

Most of us know the things that increase our well being, things like exercise, meditation, visualization, affirmation, breath work, and positive memory, to name a few of the most potent tools, we know that they have profoundly beneficial affect on our well-being. I thought that it made sense to bring all these potent tools together and share them in an embodied movement practice, so that we could include our body wisdom in our journey to holistic health. This how we can reinvent the meaning of medicine

I created my inner lite yoga practice over a decade ago and I have enjoyed witnessing the profoundly healing and transformative affects it has had for my students and I wanted to share those same potent benefits for you.

These simple, yet powerful practices are capable of not only soothing your anxiety, fear, grief and depression but by meeting them, digesting them and then eliminating them altogether bringing you to your joy lite and happiness

I have a mission to support individual personal transformation to also increase our group well being, health, happiness and consciousness and to transform our understanding of what medicine actually is the only way to change the world is to change our lives; The way to change our lives is to change our energy. The way to change our energy is to change our state of being, We have to change our thoughts and our emotions and this practice creates the foundation capable of helping you do that. The only way that we can change ourselves in our future is to change ourselves in the infinite present moment. With a selection of the most skillful means available to combat your inner disturbances, you will be able to connect to your inner pharmacy, to ignite your own natural feel good chemistry, to bring about a state of homeostasis, harmony, health and well being. Increasing your vitality, raising your vibration and expanding your consciousness are just a few of the benefits from this integrated practice.

Inner lite yoga is a passive contemplative practice with long holds that targets the connective tissue with the intention of lubricating the joints, calming the mind and emotions to open a portal to the spirit. This provides us with an opportunity to remember the truth of who we are in our essential nature.

By targeting the subtle energy body, we support our energetic and emotional health and well being. When we maintain a posture for at least 3 minutes at an edge of sweet discomfort, this allows a healing mechanism to be triggered and enhances our ability to abide with whatever arises. We enhance our awareness of everything that is in the moment and cultivate a deep sense of acceptance. This fortifies us on many levels, it balances our inner masculine and feminine energies and cultivates our capacity to feel our true strength and our ability to confront and successfully navigate through whatever comes up in the practice and ultimately in life. This is a practice that strengthens us both on and off the mat. My intention is to support you in understanding how to translate the skills you learn on the mat inside an edge of sweet discomfort into your daily challenges in your daily life.

Learning the techniques to master the emotions and the mind supports you in overcoming and liberating you from negative mental and emotional patterns, that if left unchallenged can run you and keep you trapped in your habitual conditioned response and reactivity, disconnecting you from the wisdom of your own innate knowing.

This practice will illuminate where and how you are hooked into old patterns of belief and emotional reactivity, offering you the insight, the tools and the opportunity to liberate from habitual ways of being, emotional stress and mental anguish. Patterns, that most likely originated in trauma from your history we will rebalance each of the chakras with a consciousness-shifting journey back to the truth of your essential nature. Bringing about a state of inner balance, inner peace and self-acceptance. this moves you from fear into wisdom from self-doubt into empowerment, from anger into compassion from fear into love.

This practice chooses the asana that best targets each of the chakras. we intentionally invite attention towards each of the body’s energy centers (know as the chakras) using specific breathing practices, visualizations, and affirmations with the intention of healing and rebalancing each of them. the first energy center focuses on supercharging your immune system to rebalance anger, irritation, frustration and transform it into courage, and compassion. Rebalances our mental and emotional body around the energy patterns of instability, insecurity and feeling unsafe, bringing you back into an internal experience of safety, security and stability

In the second energy center we will focus on managing and balancing your fear, we will support your kidneys and rebalance the experience of disconnection and aloneness. You will finish feeling more connected, refreshed and well.

In the 3rd energy center we will focus on rebalancing and overcoming digestive and stomach issues as well as anxiety returning you to your inner peace and equanimity. this self love practice returns you to feeling powerful, worthy and loving towards yourself.

In the 4th energy center we will strengthen the heart elevating the idea of loving the self into an actual practice.

In the 5th energy center we will be rebalancing the thyroid and energetically addressing our expression and listening skills. we will also be transmuting fear into love and overcome control issues.

In the 6th energy center we will activate your intuition and access your innate wisdom overcoming low vibrational negative mental patterns and achieve balance between your intellect and your wisdom.

In the 7th energy center we will bring you back to your essence your divine nature and connect you with the divinity of the universe.

Let me explain how all of this works on a physical level inner lite yoga is yin yoga practice, which targets the yin tissues, the joints, the ligaments and the bones to maintain their healthy capacity. Yin yoga is a chi enhancement practice that amplifies the quality of our energy, and supports a smooth mobility in the connective tissue. yin tissues need to be pulled and compressed to maintain pliancy (when stressed appropriately they grow back a little stronger and more pliant) and the meridians that course through them are nourished with more chi.

Yin yoga can best be described as like an acupressure session, by applying intentional pressure through the asana and enhancing and restoring energy that flows through the meridians. this practice insures healthy distribution of chi (life force energy) by increasing the flow of prana into more balanced patterns. this activating energy flows through the meridians (invisible rivers of energy), which flow through all tissues and bones moistening the joints and revitalizing the energy body. by pulling and pressurizing the tissue this triggers the body natural healing repair response inviting chi and blood to flow to these areas, making them more lubricated, stronger and more usable. which all adds up to some powerful medicine,

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