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Have you ever really thought about what it would be like to live your best life, a life of peace, purpose, freedom and abundance, where you were thriving on every level of your being?

Can you imagine how it would feel to have optimum health and abundance for your physical body

For the body flow with greater ease and joy and to have space, to receive all healthy positive nutrition. How would it feel for it to move so easily to allow the body to heal and grow and feel completely well or even exceptionally good.

How would it feel to receive complete abundance for your minds well being to develop the minds clarity to happily grow and flow in wisdom and thought and for intelligence and understanding for the mind to be expanding and learning and evolving beyond all intelligence already know into your full innate capacity for intelligence beyond mindfulness into soulfulness. How would it feel to be able to accessing all the information that arises through our senses and our nervous system, aligning us with the reality in the moment and responding sensitively and intelligently to it

What would it mean for your emotional being to receive emotional abundance.

To find your calm confidence and your emotional resilience

To bring a stability of self esteem and acceptance and self love

To easily allow your harmonizing demeanor to feel empowered and joyous each and every day

Can you imagine what would it be like to open your self socially to freely give and receive all loving kindness and warmth so that you can support the wellness of

your happier and closer friendships opening yourself up to participate fully in your most loving partnerships.

Or what would it mean for you to imagine receiving complete magical abundance

With so much positivity that new money and brand new opportunities naturally flow to you seeing money as a natural transfer of energy which can easily be earned and saved and invested and easily given and donated according to how you choose.

And would you like to know how to create all this magic in your life?

I have spent my entire adult life seeking answers these questions and have gathered the most potent tools and skillful means capable of bringing these opportunities into your life. I have synthesized them together and created my Lite training

I am a specialist in energy wellness and have ben specifically focused on acquiring and developing this skill for the last 25 years.

Lite at it’s root is energy medicine in it’s most potent and purest form, it is both a curative and a preventive energetic technology that is capable of bringing about profound and permanent change in our habits, our blocks and our trauma. It is capable of shifting us into being the creators of our lives

Lite provides the spiritual technology that transforms us out of habitual patterns and liberates you to come back to your authentic nature, so that you can find your gifts and express them to the world. It gives you access to listen to and speak to the subconscious mind/ body that speaks in both words and sensations. Helping you evolve through your obstacles so that you can realize their purpose and use them as the portals to your highest potential (the cracks are where the light comes in.)

When you clear out the traumas that are stored in your body you have direct access to your own authentic nature, your essence, and this is when the magic happens we can be in the flow and access our own genius, our brilliance, our intuition and our purpose.

Then that can expand into the portal to have direct skillful intelligent relationship with the field. The field of intelligence, wisdom and all there is. Piercing this veil allows a conscious and intelligent relationship with the field enters us into the whelm of Quantum healing and connects us to our magical possibilities. We become the soulful authors of our lives

I have a mission to transform our relationship with health and happiness to include a skillful and intelligent relationship with your energy system. This is important because it is within our energy system that our subconscious mind is contained and 90% of our actions and choices come from here.

Knowing how to relate to our energy system with skill means to be fluent in it’s own language that arises from our physical sensations, our gut instincts and hunches, that can be both loud and subtle. Understanding this language allows you to both give and receive information capable of empowering us to choose our emotional state and our energetic frequency. This helps us remove our obstacles and the ways in which we sabotage ourselves. These obstacles are constructed of mental and emotional patterns that arise as a consequence of trauma.

Becoming aware of your unconscious habits and behaviors allows you to change your future personal reality by transforming your personality. Your identity is constructed of your thoughts and emotions, of the past and the majority of the thoughts and feelings you have, have been thought and felt by you before, and consequently most peoples biology is defined by the past. Don’t let this happen to you.

You have to feel love to have love, feel success to have success. This stimulates and signals new genes to create a new body. The lite method teaches you how to do that. This quantum model of wellness goes beyond cause and affect to causing an affect. Lite is a multidimensional comprehensive spiritual technology capable of clearing trauma from your history empowering you to recreate your body and your life as you want it

It provides direct access to heal and integrate unresolved emotional trauma and uses specific tools to rewire and ignite new genetic ability to create your body and your future life as you decide you want it.

Most people have experiences in life that brand them emotionally they feel fear and insecurity, and a full spectrum of negative emotions that then can become part of our identity. As we begin to say things like I am insecure or I am anxious or I am depressed. We consistently think thoughts that turn on a certain circuitry in the brain and then we feel insecure and then we think we are insecure and that turns on certain chemicals that make us feel more insecure. The repetition of this cycle over time conditions the body to subconsciously become the mind of insecurity. Therefore saying things like I am insecure or I am depressed or I am anxious, saying I am anything commands your mind and body towards a destiny.

Most peoples biology is constructed of the past so if you are not being defined by a vision of the future and some new possibility for your life all you are left with is the old circuitry of the past and you will be destined to repeat what you have been. Through this advanced Lite training you are supported in transforming this destiny into the destiny we consciously desire by using the Lite Method.

Neuroscience says you can change your brain just by thinking, so then as you think about your new possibility through mental rehersal you create new circuits in your brain and you elevate your brain from being a record of the past to being a map to the future. Then as you emotionally embrace your future with your desired emotions you don’t have to wait for success and abundance to happen to feel it, and as you feel it you intentionally create the experience of it.

The Lite method reawakens your full intelligence, so that you can be go beyond mindfulness into soulfulness. By acquiring the skill of embodied presence (which is an essential and underdeveloped aspect of our intelligence that is utilized by other cultures, and underestimated by our own, you can begin to realize your full potential and do what you are in a body to do.

Soulfulness is about accessing all the information that arises through our senses and our nervous system, aligning us with the reality in the moment and responding sensitively and intelligently to it. The spiritual technology of Lite is the next evolution from varied sourses such as yoga, breath work, meditation, hypnotherapy and my own intuitive explorations. All combined in a unique way that expidiates someone’s transformation, and evolution.

Using these skillful means to connect to the inner landscape of the physical body, emotional body, the energetic body, and the nervous system, with compassionate awareness and a continuity of receptivity to the information that is arising within us, establishes our connection to our inner intuition and wisdom.

This deep wisdom them establishes through moment to moment practice an embodied intelligence and presence to your inner landscape, which allows you to be your whole self, bringing you to the practice of your purpose. Helping you evolve through your obstacles and realize both their purpose and your own.

When you can believe in a future that you have not yet experienced with your senses you become the creator of your body and your destiny. So when you take charge of your mind/body you have the power to create your destiny by underatanding how to think and feel about what you want to experience in your future your brain is literally changed to look like the experience as though it has already occurred.

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