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The Secrets that help you Rock Your Resolutions (so they actually work)

The secrets to Revolutionize your Resolutions

(so that they actually stick)

I am sure you have been asked before if you had a magic wand what would you create Which is an interesting and important question to ponder Do you ever feel like you’re working really hard to get the things that you want in your life? Do you feel like you trying too hard or asserting too much effort to get what you want? Does it sometimes seem feel like you have to really struggle to get the things that are worth having or like nothing worth having ever comes without struggle.

Feeling ease and joy can seem like it’s not part of the deal, not even in the equation. I have found the method to manifesting that goes beyond the law of attraction and shares a step by step process capable of bringing the things that you want in your life in a joyful and easy way.

On my journey of learning and sharing how to manifest over the last 25 years I have acquired some important knowledge and truths that I am excited to share with you.

The are 7 simple, (yet not necessarily easy) steps related to our energy centers that when consciously and intentionally participated in, we are empowered to be able to more easily attract the things that we want most in our lives. There are also some essential magical ingredient to contribute to the law of attraction that amplifies our power of joyful manifestation. My magical manifesting method reaches beyond the simple law of attraction that states, that you attract what you focus on, so that creating your best life can be easy and fun.

“ The Law of Attraction says that you will attract into your life whatever you focus on. Whatever you give your energy and attention to will come back to you. So, if you stay focused on the good and positive things in your life, you will automatically attract more good and positive things into your life.”

The essential information that is missing here is that we will attract where our energy is most highly charged, so if we remain unaware of where our mind is going then your powerful subconscious mind could be attracting, through the backdoor, the very thing that you don’t want.

That is why in order to be successful manifesters we need to have become self aware enough, to have evolved beyond our inner blocks and self sabotaging tendencies. This does not need to be an arduous or complex process and it is a process and a skill that I am delighted to help you acquire.

Manifesting is not only about clearing out blocks, that is just the first step and it is important not to lose sight about what else is necessary and more essentially what it is actually about. Knowing how to clear your blocks is a very important foundation to manifesting and we have the most powerful and potent tools to share about how to do that alongside some magical ways to effortlessly create a life that you love.

Manifesting is also about expansion, expanding your container, and your capacity. It is also about opening your container so that more energy can flow through your system, so that you can both give and receive more. Once you have expanded your energetic container you can hold more, you can flow better and expand into greater generosity.

You can do this by transforming your obstacles into your opportunities and we can show you exactly how to do this.

We are most powerful manifesting inside a structured and predicable journey of balancing our desire with our surrender. This happens when we learn how to balance our inner masculine and feminine energies. With this balance we become more potent in our manifesting journey that leads to an intentional, expanded creation.

A little known secret is that manifesting is actually obstructed if we hold on too tightly to exactly what we want. I know it sounds counter intuitive and it’s not that it’s not important to know exactly what you want, it is, and just as important is our willingness to let go. When we let go and surrender our desire inside an energy of trusting we open up the possibility of getting more than we could possibly imagine.

Creation isn’t about having complete control or satisfying our short-term desires. It isn’t even about getting what we think we want. Manifesting is also about receiving what is of the highest good for all. When we allow the space for whatever is in the highest good of all to be manifested then we are expanding into our highest creation potential.

The practice of returning to a place of trusting the Universe has been the most potent magical ingredient and my greatest strength, and I want that for you, too. That is why I created this training to show you how to actually do this. I’ve practiced the art of letting go throughout this entire journey and I know that when I do it my manifesting practice has greater ease and more joy, as I lean in to trusting the support that the universe can provide. Trust me I’ve tried to control. It’s not fun and it doesn’t work. It simply pushed me too far out of balance and into the masculine principle, which makes everything harder and simply not fun. So now each time I notice life feeling more like a struggle and difficult the invitation is to return to my practice of balancing into the feminine energy and the wisdom of letting go and surrendering.

My name is Michelle Bradshaw and I want to invite you to our magical money workshop and I want to show you how you can attend with great ease. Here we’ll be showing you how to manifest a world of abundance, prosperity and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

If you are interested in attending this powerful 3 day workshop that will share this wisdom alongside understanding how to master money and abundance and how to align with your souls purpose, then let’s talk about you and your needs and see if this is a good fit for you. You can pm me, through facebook and we can start the journey together.

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