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The Happiness Archetype Quiz

What is your happiness archetype

and what color is your path to happiness?

1.) When at my best, the strongest feeling I feel is:

1.) Secure

2.) Connected

3.) Powerful

4.) Love

5.) Expressive

6.) Clear

7.) Trusting

2.) When I am feeling good in my relationship with my partner, the strongest feeling I feel is:

1.) Safe

2.) Whole

3.) Worthy

4.) Loved

5.) Free

6.) Certain

7.) Faith

3.) At times of difficulty, my tendency is:

1.) Gather support from friends

2.) Withdraw

3.) Feel paralyzed

4.) Seek revenge

5.) Get control

6.) Feel confused and Indecisive

7.) Feel like there is a conspiracy or set up

4.) In conflict, I tend to:

1.) Feel insecure and unstable. / Be angry and frustrated

2.) Feel isolated and alone. / Feel afraid

3.) Feel powerless and anxious

4.) Feel resentment, jealousy, or hatred

5.) Feel out of control and/or suffocated

6.) Feel overwhelmed and want to drink

7.) Feel like others are plotting against me

5.) My greatest physical vulnerability is:

1.) Liver, legs, hips, feet

2.) Kidney, reproductive organs, low back pain

3.) Digestion, stomach, mid back pain

4.) Cardio vascular system, heart disease, lung problems

5.) Thyroid, eating problems, mouth/dental problems

6.) Headaches, vision problems

7.) Dizziness, stroke

6.) When stressed, the strongest emotion I feel is:

1.) Anger

2.) Fear

3.) Powerlessness

4.) Jealousy, ingratitude

5.) Out of control

6.) Confusion

7.) Betrayed

7.) My biggest fear is:

1.) Death

2.) Abandonment

3.) Disapproval

4.) Being unloveable

5.) Suffocation

6.) Being lost

7.) Isolation

8.) My stinking thinking sounds like:

1.) I am not safe

2.) I feel alone

3.) I’m not good enough

4.) I’m not lovable

5.) I can’t express myself

6.) I don’t know

7.) I don’t trust life, others, myself

9.) When I overcome obstacles, the strongest feeling I feel is:

1.) Safe

2.) Connected

3.) Peaceful/ triumphant

4.) Courageous

5.) Free

6.) Clear

7.) Faith

10.) I would most like to feel:

1.) Stable

2.) Creative

3.) Powerful

4.) Loving

5.) Free

6.) Clear

7.) Trusting

Answers:The Seven Happiness Archetypes

If you have more than two categories with an equal number of points then look at your answer for number 5 and go with that number. Otherwise you can contact me and I will help you.

Mostly 1.) The Chief walks the red-grounded path of safety

Mostly 2.) The Adventurer walks the orange pleasure path

Mostly 3.) The Nurturer walks the yellow path of deep self-love

Mostly 4.) The Lover walks the green path of unconditional love

Mostly 5.) The Artist walks the pale blue path of freedom

Mostly 6.) The Guru walks the deep blue path of clarity

Mostly 7.) The Master walks the violet path of enlightenment

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