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How to establish healthy habits


The top 10 healthy habits that make up “The happiness Habit”

When you repeat healthy behaviors every day for 30 consecutive days you are establishing a new healthy habit. This may not be easy to do, so if you find that you fall short don't despair, you have a second option, you can change patterns on a subconscious level and here is how.

Knowing how to establish healthy habits is so essential to increasing your happiness and your wellbeing set point, that I have laid it out in simple-to-follow steps how to establish new healthy habits on a deep subconscious level.

You need to access Alpha consciousness by lying down with your eyes closed. (Listen to the meditation.) This is essential if you want to create change at a deep subconscious level. Without this step you will only affect ten percent of your mind.

  1. Create your script by following the guidelines for how to heal mental patterns using positive affirmations that are the opposite positive form of the negative inner dialogue. They elevate to the level of antidotes when installed into the subconscious.

  2. Listen to the antidotes repeatedly everyday for 30 days minimum. This nourishes the mind with the exact right food to cause the dendrites to clump together and create new trenches, new superhighways of grey matter that are capable of establishing the new healthy habits of your choice.

  3. These habits become the new default patterns and you are able to then practice establishing these new habits by making the healthy choices that reflect the habits you want to establish.

  4. Practice these new choices until they become your natural behaviors and a part of your character.

If you are interested in looking at some research on happiness I highly encourage you to look at Happiness 101 on You Tube to have a fuller understanding of what the science says about what contributes to a happier life. Here are my top ten healthy habits that become the skills you can acquire to be the artist of your happy life. What follows is a list of the top ten healthy habits that support you along with the affirmations and tools that elevates these healthy habits to the level of transformation practices.

10.) Nurturing your relationships, Choose to focus on what you admire, appreciate and respect about your partner and expanding that with time, energy, focus and gratitude. Start with your relationship with yourself, know how to love yourself, be positive and achieve your goals.


10.) You are now committed to nurturing all your relationships by focusing your time energy and attention on the thoughts, emotions and deeds that feed the things that you admire, love and appreciate in all those you are close to. Your nurture your relationship with yourself by making yourself and your needs and goals a priority in your life. You know that practicing the act of self-love is essential to your wellbeing and the happiness of yourself and all those around you. Closing your eyes and visualizing someone or something you love allows you to feel those feelings emanate from the center of your chest and bathes your body in this healing vibration. You now choose to practice this whenever you feel stressed or challenged by those that you love.


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9.) Aligning with your purpose: By consistently staying on track with cultivating the skills that reflect your present time agreements, gifts and talents.


9.) You now imagine what it would feel like to be your best self all the time, owning your gifts and talents and having clarity and certainty about what they are, making choices every day to express those gifts with the world in a way that adds value to you and everyone you touch in life. Remember what you felt like when you fell in love, can you remember how good it feels to see magic and wonderment everywhere, when you feel your happiest most confident self. You know how great this feels and how great it is to feel like that all the time. Feeling truly alive feeling inspired and creative, being free to be fully yourself and expressing the truth of your gifts. The experience that we are all seeking is the experience of aliveness, fulfillment and happiness.


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8.) Exercise: for me it’s yoga but it could be anything, knowing that when you get moving your life gets moving.


8.) You now choose to include exercise with your other healthy habits so that your body can be supported in being in peak condition. You choose an exercise regime that fits with your lifestyle, weight training, running, cycling or other fun activities contribute to your happiness habit. Yoga is a great way to include several healthy habits in one activity you can practice presence, master your mind and master your emotions as your exercise your physical body this way, which helps you to reconnect with your essence.


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7.) Meditation: Presence, consistently, consciously inviting your energy to be here and now.


7.) Presence: You make being present a priority and practice presence by being curious and interested in what is occurring in your body on the level of physical sensations, you embrace everything that is present with acceptance and awareness choosing to fully accept yourself and all arising conditions as they are. You attend to your breath with this same awareness allowing yourself to breath deeply and fully and you extend kindness and compassion towards yourself. You have cultivated the meditation habit and know that using the guided meditations helps you be happier in your life.


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6.) Diet: For me it’s Juice Plus, good nutrition is at the foundation of a happy life and establishing healthy doable habits in the diet is essential for establishing a happy, healthy life.

6.) You now choose to make good, wise choices in relationship to your food choosing a diet that is full of fruits and vegetables that allows you to detox, reduce inflammation and stabilize your blood sugar. Juice Plus is an easy convenient way for you to get the great nutrition that you need.


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5.) Establishing your guiding principles: that reflect your values and agreements that you can enthusiastically, consistently participate in present time.


5.) These guiding principles support you in keeping your compass true north and supports you finding the gifts and opportunities that lie inside all of your difficulties and challenges. You now choose to maintain a high frequency and positive mind set at all times, supporting yourself in working in right relationship with your thinking, so that you can easily create the things you want in your life.


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4.) Holding a perspective of purposefulness : seeing that everything is happening just as it should for the benefit of your growth and being able to find the gifts in the center of you challenges. Practice finding the meaning inside your difficulties.


4.) You are now occupying a perspective of purposefulness that allows you to find your clarity, strength and foundation when you feel stressed or challenged by the circumstances and events that life is presenting to you. “You now surrender to accepting that all people, experiences and events that are present in your life right now, are present for the purpose of your growth. You expand into the perspective of purposefulness and easily embrace everything as it is. Even the challenges and difficulties serve a very high purpose for you to create the life of your choice.”


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3.) Skill: Know that happiness is a skill and practicing the skills to arrive at a greater experience of well being and increasing your happiness quotient.


3.) You are now free to be fully yourself, your authentic real self. You now understand and know how to master your mind, through awareness transformation and practice, and your emotions with presence, breath and compassion, which positively transforms your life now. You are free to be fully yourself. You practice the skills of happiness by mastering your mind and emotions and by practicing presence. You establish and practice your guiding principles and consistently choose to have a perspective of purposefulness. You have healthy eating and exercise habits and nourish your body as consistently as you nourish your mind. You know that practicing nourishing your relationships is as important as nourishing your body. You know that happiness is the skill set that is worth investing in.


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2.) Mastering the emotions: is critical knowing how to navigate through a negative emotional experience into its opposite positive possibility is life changing.


“You now choose to be fully present with all your physical sensations fully feeling them until there is nothing left to feel. You know that all a feeling wants is to be felt. As you now relate to your emotions as energy in motion, you feel all of them as physical sensations, breath into them, saturate them with compassion and allow them to transmute into their highest possibility to strengthen you.”


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1.) Mastering the mind: thoughts are creative they create our reality and they can be brought within the sphere of our influence. This is the most important choice you can make in creating your life by design.


1.) You are now free to be fully yourself, your authentic real self. You now understand and know how to master your mind, through awareness transformation and practice, and your emotions with presence, breath and compassion, which positively transforms your life now. You are free to be fully yourself.” You nourish your mind with positive thoughts and ideas until you arrive at reality that is created clearly from your positive thinking.


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You are invited here to be agents of change, to assist in whatever way you feel called and able to, in this shift from fear-based consciousness to love-based consciousness. Today, fulfilling our potential becomes more urgent than ever, not only for us, but also in assisting others in becoming fully themselves too. As we each evolve to the place where we can live out our potential, we assist the world to live out its own. Since negative thinking and emotions lead to a negative and small reality, supporting others to shift their thoughts and emotions helps the whole universal shift in consciousness and supports the world in moving forwa

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