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Mind body connection and the energetic system


Our energetic health, is the life force, the prana, that makes us alive and the flow of that life

force, is critical in the connection between our mind and body. The chakras are both supporters

of, and /or obstacles to, that energetic health. They are the bridge from heaven to earth. There are

two directions of movement on the bridge. The shiva consciousness descends from the crown

(and this is the masculine principle, grounding and manifesting pure consciousness without

form.) The feminine shakti energy, is the primordial power of the universe rising up from the

pereneium making it’s way in an ascending current of liberation and realization through the

central channel of the body. It is the flow of the awakening energy, a flow of great intensity and,

of great release, an opening of energy that can be both exciting and chaotic. Shiva descending

energy has grace and order and this energy brings peace and impregnates shakti with

consciousness. This upward flow is the liberating current that leads to awakening and

enlightenment. The downward current is the path of manifestation, creating in the earth, the

fulfillment of our inspiration. The point is to have a complete journey both there and back.

When bringing the charkas back to balance it is important that both of these energies are

flowing unobstructed and finding their expression. The charkas are portals between the inner and

outer world, the place in the body where our physical reality meets our spiritual nature.

Allowing the life force energy to flow optimally allows us to experience our full aliveness. How

does this apply to you? Your body is the vehicle to carry the aspirations of the spirit, and the

karma, past lifetime wounds. This programming of your chakras determines the particular

challenges and frustrations that you will experience in your life. Here, in this program, you are

presented with the opportunity to go into your charkas and write the programs that work and help

you manifest the life that you want, that support your personal growth, your healing and your


The chakra’s provide a context for understanding how to progress along our path

and journey of healing. There are seven steps or healing pathways that are given to us, for

our growth and evolution and all steps and pathways are incremental and equally

important in arriving at our destination. To align our inner space with the outer journey is

critically important to understand. We must be aware of, confront, transform and

remove any and all obstacles to our positive forward movement along this path. By

nourishing our consciousness and our emotions with truth, love and positivity we clear up

our internal limitations and open up our external movement.

In order to successfully heal the emotions it is valuable to know how to fully occupy

our physical and energetic body, to become fully embodied. The development of ou

emotional mastery is intimately connected to how we are occupying our physical and

energetic body. How present affects your ability to be connected to your own physical

sensations, independently of how uncomfortable, intense, or constricted you may feel, is

how we truly manifest and develop our courage, our ability to confront with presence and

awareness of everything that is here, this is what really determines how masterful we will

be in relation to our emotions.

Making the choice to be fully connected, fully present with yourself is the most

courageous, transformative and healing choice you can make. This choice consistently

made is the key to transformation and liberation. Issues, disturbances and illnesses

manifest themselves in the mental, spiritual and emotional body before they even start

showing up in the physical body, so it is possible to resolve issues before they even

manifest on the physical plane, preventing the need for physical discomfort and

disease. It is extremely valuable to practice sensitizing your connection to your physical

body so that you can heighten your sensitivity to your energetic body, your chakras and

heal any constriction or energetic build up prior to it becoming a physical problem.

Your spiritual energy can be lost, frozen or trapped in these areas of contraction and

until we reclaim that life force we are limited in our energetic system our creative,

intuitive and sensual capacity, obstructed and unable to fulfill our potential. It is also

valuable to establish a physical practice such as yoga that allows you to be connected to

your body in a way that supports greater physical and energy body awareness. Moving

into shapes that tug on the connective tissue of the body, opens up the pranic channels

and, the nadis, so that the breath can move throughout the body freeing the trapped

physical, mental emotional and spiritual energy in a way that liberates nourishes, and

energizes your essence.

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