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My focus has always been on short term, solution oriented processes, designed to fit the needs of any and all individuals. I am passionate about helping people live a happy fulfilled life, and it is my belief that we all come into this wrold with a smile on our face and a song in our heart and a unique story to be written. However, along the way, many of us lost this natural ability to be happy, creative and healthy. It is my passion to help people return to this happy and fulfilled state.
I am available for one-on-one sessions either on the phone, on the the internet, or in person. I have much experience in dealing with relationship issues along with learning how to love ourselves more, and understanding how to best manage our moods so that we can overcome grief, depression, and anxiety. In addition this site offers many tools that can be used at any time to achieve spiritual awareness and emotional healing.

TAROT READING  (Available on telephone or in East West bookshop Mondays 12 - 7.00 pm)
Using the cards as a map, I look at who you are as a spirit and a soul, at where you are on your path with your evolution and your growth. By  revealing your karmic story I can help you identify and remove where any obstacles or blockages may exist so that you can create the life that you truly want.
Together,we can enter into a process of clearing and healing negative patterns of thinking and behavior. I will guide you through a simple, yet effective 3 step transformational process. This shows you how to change fear into power and creative potential so that you can become the successful and happy person that you want to be.
If you are feeling emotionally stressed or overwhelmed, if you are depressed or angry and perhaps feeling out of control of your emotions, then you will benefit from this chakra clearing process. The chakra system is the emotional healing system in the body . Any time we go through an experience that we perceive as traumatic, it gets stored in one of the chakras and we automatically stop breathing fully, this creates emotionally frozen places within the chakras. We stop breathing fully because it helps us to not feel fully, which enables us to survive. The  consequence of this is that we learn a pattern of response to emotion that is about not fully feeling our feelings. The highest truth of healing emotions is that, all feelings fully felt and integrated can transform into love, joy and happiness. I will teach you how to do this. I will empower you with the techniques capable of healing the chakra system and the emotions, melting those frozen places, enabling you to heal your emotional wounds and awaken your own inner physician.
With the hectic nature of our daily  lives, it is easy to forget our true spiritual nature and get lost in the illusion of our busy physical existence, leaving us feeling lost and disconnected. By remembering the  truth of who we are and the essential role that we all play in the fabric of the universe, we are able to step forward into realizing our true potential, by bringing forward our unique gifts and talents and making our contribution. I will gently guide you into rediscovering your spirit and remembering who you truly are.
The purpose of yoga is self-realization (remembering who you are as
a spirit and a soul.)  By using purposeful movement through the yoga
asanas, the breath, visualizations and affirmations you can heal the chakras,
removing all obstacles and blockages created by trauma and misperceptions.
I can design a personalized program for you so that you can heal your body,
mind, emotions and spirit with your own unique yoga practice.
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