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At Mind Wave Institute, you learn to harness the natural healing power of your mind to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Through our courses you will learn the skills and techniques to release the mind's full potential. We help you eliminate old emotional baggage, get rid of limiting beliefs, reduce stress, and create a rich and rewarding life in the flow.












The intention of creating this course is to provide people with a guide that will show them how to transform their lives and awaken the truth of who they really are; a powerful spiritual being and creator of the life you choose to live.

The Spiritual technology in this course provides the information, skills and practices that will enable people to create profound and lasting changes. It will show you how to free yourself from the habits of fear and negative thinking, and will help you to become more fully connected to your spiritual nature and put you firmly in the driver’s seat of your own life. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are continuously putting orders in with the universe for our tomorrow’s reality. The feelings and thought states that we occupy today are creating the vibrations that will determine tomorrow’s reality. The best investment anyone can make is to choose to focus on the positive emotions today, which in turn will create your best possible tomorrow. This guide will show you how to identify and choose which thoughts and emotions you want to generate, so you can create a more positive experience in your life moving forward.

We are born into this life with the sacred container of our bodies our constant companion to navigate this journey of life with. It is our devoted soul companion that can assist, support, teach and guide us to the best expression of who we are, if we let it. So when are dissatisfied with and we have issues with our bodies, if we complain about them being too big, flabby, fat, slow, tired or ugly we are attacking our souls alongside ourselves. We may be limited to the ideas of having to starve ourselves until we pass out or having to run ragged around a million tracks in order to drop a few pounds and arrive at our optimum health or weight. If nothing seems to be working it may be time to take a different approach to come from a new perspective or perhaps create a new paradigm.Until you do the soul work, you'll be stuck in the same place, repeating the same old painful problem over and over again. Only our inner work can truly change how we feel about our outer container. In changing the way we feel about our container by loving it completely as it, is when we can successfully invite the opportunity for it to be re-created as we desire it.

Happy Body Happy soul

Magic Method to Master Stress

Anxiety is a heightened stress response that has gotten out of control.. This 4 module course includes instructional videos, webinar style lecture, and guided focused stress reduction exercises.

You will learn:

  • What causes stress and how it relates to your energy system

  • Why controlling stress is important

  • How self perception contributes to stress

  • How to adjust your self perception for stress control

  • The simplest most powerful ways to turn off anxiety quickly

  • How to keep your stress managed to give you the best result.













Happy Body Jumpstart

Transform your body to be the Temple from which you create a life of brilliance. Bring conscious creation to the masterpiece which is you!


You are alive on this planet now! Make it the best it can be by providing your mind/body with the sustenance it needs to thrive in this dynamic world.


This program will deliver the step by step method we have used to feel fully alive, vibrant, and effective in the world.

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