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Happiness Archetype #1 Charlie the chief.

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You are a shaman and you are gifted with all things natural. You have a natural aptitude and are gifted in the area of herbs and homeopathic healing modalities.


When balanced, the chief is grounded, stable and solid connected to the earth, his history, and his ancestors, in a way that provides a strong sense of stability, security, and safety for himself and all those around him. He is reliable and predictable in his interest in family, structure, and support. He is strong in his foundation, which emanates calmness, courage, and compassion. He likes simplicity and nature, which strengthens him and positive support, group connections, family, and a sense of continuity feed him. You are invited to work with the tools presented here to bring you to best balanced self.


You are an amazing gift to the world and you have been personally invited to join our Rainbow Goddess tribe. The Rainbow Goddess Code is the magical blueprint for living life by design. This group is for women who want their inner gifts ignited and their vulnerabilities transformed as they live life with purpose and passion. Be part of this tribe and learn rich and juicy skills that, when practiced, become the habits of consciously creating the life of your dreams. Click the link below to take the quiz.

The Chief walks the red-grounded path of safety


Let's dive deeper into you!

As you balance your thoughts and emotions, you support the habit of happiness that creates new positive behaviors of enthusiasm, kindness, active listening, forgiveness, tolerance, and the expectation that others are capable and trustworthy. This expectation allows you to hold the vision for positive possibility and gives you and others the space to rise to your highest possible behavior choices. This shift brings more peace, equanimity, and harmony into your life. As you expand into feeling safe, secure, and supported, you behave in ways that reflect these feelings, allowing yourself to be more vulnerable, alive, and present. Being grounded and stable about whom you are and where you belong translates into acting in ways that make you dependable and trustworthy, becoming a known entity both to yourself and others.

By walking the grounded path of safety, the Chief gathers strength by being in nature, being connected to the negative ions that rise through the earth and grounds him. Gardening or walking barefoot and putting his hands in the ground invite balance and strength for him and bring him back to himself. He learns to fortify his emotional vulnerability of anger by strengthening his liver meridian. Pushing more chi through his system allows him to digest his anger by meeting it with awareness breath and compassion. Transmuting his angry adrenalized state into his harmonized happiness state of compassion and courage which liberates him into understanding the truth that he is safe and supported to be in his body and his life with full presence and open-hearted compassion.

When imbalanced, he can feel irritated, unstable, insecure, and unpredictable. Stress causes him to feel unsafe, which releases adrenaline throughout his system, causing him to reside in fight/flight mode, weakening him on every level. His emotional vulnerability is anger, and the mental weakness is an inner dialogue that ruminates around the wounded belief that he is not safe. These thoughts and feelings can lead him into some challenging behaviors like road rage, criticism, complaining, and negativity. Tending to focus on what is wrong and not working within him and others that perpetuate the creation of challenge and difficulty in his life, fueling the whole cycle of anger. 


Applying the three steps to master his mind supports his sense of well-being and safety. Recognizing that his mental fitness is supported by his choice to practice and nourish his mind with positive, optimistic thinking eradicating his illusions and predictable default negative inner dialogue. This practice along with applying the three steps to master his emotions, provides the tools and practices that he needs to liberate from his old limited conditioning and his habitual patterns so that he can be connected to his essence, his natural state, and his happiness. This process releases his trapped energy and ignites his inspiration through the experience of being safe and stable and secure.



This meditation is designed to rebalance the Chief"s mental patterns

You are walking the red path of aligning with safety. This transformative journey clears all wounds related to your sense of safety, security, stability, and belonging, liberating you from the wounds of the past. Supporting you in feeling grounded, safe, and connected. This path is physically related to symptoms of low back pain, immune disorders, sciatic problems, and depression. By working with the tools available in the first chakra bookio you have everything that you need to create a new inner reality that is firmly rooted in an inner and outer reflection of the truth of your safety. This experience can provide a source of inspiration for you that motivates you to create the life of your dreams

Transforming the vulnerabilities of the 1st chakra into your strengths

Physically associated with Base of spine, legs, feet, bones sciatica, rectum, bowel, colon, varicose veins, immune system, liver imbalances (liver meridian runs through it.)


Chronic low back pain, rectal and immune disorders, depression, multiple personality disorder, obsessive compulsive disorders,


Mental vulnerability, When stressed or challenged the inner dialogue tone is

"I am not safe."

"I am not supported."

"I don't feel secure."

“ I don’t trust life."


Strengthens into the opposite positive form to,

“You are safe and supported right here and right now in this body at this time.”

“You are constantly supported in getting all of yours needs met.”

“You now feel secure and supported in being protected and getting all your needs met.”

“You now choose to trust life and all those in your life.”


Emotional Vulnerability,

When stressed or challenged the tendency is Agitation Irritation, Anger, Insecurity, Unsafe, Terror, Unsupported.


Strengthens, when met with awareness, breath, and compassion.. into Compassion, Groundedness, Stability, Strength


Spiritually: his path invites you to walk through the reactivity of anger into the expanded state of open hearted compassion, feeling grounded enough to choose the vibration and frequency of security, stability, and support, by remembering or imagining how that feels until you can choose it, any time you want to. Arriving at a place of knowing that you live in a friendly, benevolent universe.








You can get the yoga video here

First chakra yoga practice

Wide kneed child’s pose (inner thigh and groin area) Meridian affected- liver, kidney, spleen, gall bladder. Emotionally transmuting anger to compassion, instability to stability Mental affirmation " You are perfectly safe and supported" Core cry " I do not feel safe."  


ONLY (any discomfort in other areas requires adjusting)





1.) Start on all fours.  

2. Bring your big toes together and take your knees a bit wider than hip width apart.  

3. Sit back on the heels and relax the forehead down onto (or towards) the floor. You may find your edge as you are sitting up or you may be able to come all the way forward. You decide if you want to find it with or without the bolster, it is easier with the support and comfort of the bolster beneath you, just find the shape that best works with your body. 

4. Rest the arms where they feel most comfortable.  

5. Breathe with ease, inhaling as much breath as feels pleasurable and allowing each exhale to fall out of the body completely. Imagine that the exhales empty out of the forehead and flow into the ear.

The bookiois are the best way to get all the tools you need to transform your vulneralibilities into your strengths all together in audio/video format. This is the transformative tool truly capable of bringing you to your best self. I have discounted this tool as a thank you to you for getting here. 

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The next fun thing to do is watch my free initiating intuition Masterclass by clicking this link .

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