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Aden The Adventurer

The Adventurer walks the orange pleasure path


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You have an innate understanding of relationships and have a deep connection with those who may  have crossed over, I would encourage you to explore mediumship, and you may be talented in gaining insight into abundance, sexuality and addictions. Your superpower is your ability to connect and create intimacy


When balanced and harmonized the Adventurer is playful, free, wise, connected, and creative. Interested in deep, meaningful relating with the self and others, the Adventurer travels his path seeking and finding pleasure, purpose, and meaning. He sees connection everywhere and lives in an abundant reality without limitations.

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Let's dive deeper into you!

You are highly creative and can easily find joy through your creativity and your connections. The more willing you are to risk emotionally and show your vulnerable underbelly, the greater your rewards through deep intimacy and lasting connections will be. When imbalanced, it is easy for you to feel isolated, alone, outcast, or disconnected. This isolation can exist on many levels even in relation with the self from your creative flow, leaving you feeling overwhelmed challenged and afraid. Fear rules the imbalanced Adventurer, causing you to feel paralyzed, isolated, or trapped, disconnecting you from flowing with abundance and catapulting you into an experience of scarcity, lack, and deprivation.


You become susceptible to addictions when out of balance, so it is important to be present and connected to painful emotions of isolation and perceived aloneness so that you are not seduced to escape the emotional pain through distractions, ranging from substances to television, all forms of avoiding the overwhelming pain of disconnection. You may substitute life-threatening risk-taking activities, such as extreme sports or gambling of any nature, rather than risking losing the self to emotional vulnerability. Fear is the demon of the adventurer, although sometimes you would never know, as you can appear to be highly courageous, willing to risk life and limb for a temporary adrenalized thrill, this is the mask that obscures the terror of risking the exposure of the authentic self in case it is rejected.

These thoughts and feelings can lead you to some challenging behaviors like disconnection with the ones that you love when you are hurt or stressed or challenged. You may find yourself constructing walls of self-protection that can feel insurmountable for yourself and the people you love. The fear of intimacy or emotional pain may cause you to make poor choices about your partner, such as distancing, rejecting, and ultimately, abandoning them. These destructive behavior choices trap you in a weak vibration pattern of reach and withdraw, doing a two-step in intimacy that is painful and limited, leaving the most precious and vulnerable parts of yourself lonely, unknown, and untouched. You may indulge in a whole variety of additions to hide out and avoid the possible pain that sweetness, surrender, and vulnerability brings because the fear of getting hurt is too intense. As you balance your thoughts and emotions, you support the habit of happiness that creates new positive behaviors of optimism, balance, courage, and curiosity towards intimacy.

The Adventurer learns to fortify his emotional vulnerability of fear by strengthening his kidney meridian. Pushing more chi through his system allows him to digest his fear by meeting it with awareness, breath, and compassion. Using positive memory or imagination to connect to times when intimacy, closeness, and connection were stable and supported, and present strengthens you. He works with positive affirmations to nourish the inner dialogue of the lower mind with positive food leading to positive possibility. He transmutes his fearful adrenalized state into his harmonized happiness state of wisdom and clarity, liberating him into understanding the truth that he is always connected to his own higher power and the highest power in the universe.
Applying the three steps to master his mind supports his sense of well-being and connection. He recognizes that his mental fitness is backed up by his choice to practice and nourish his mind with positive, optimistic thinking eradicating his illusions and default negative inner dialogue. This practice along with applying the three steps to master his emotions, provide the tools and practices that he needs to liberate from his old limited conditioning and his habitual patterns so that he can be connected to his essence, his natural state, and his happiness. He benefits from being vigilant when stressed and challenged not to be reactive and feel isolated, alone, and disconnected.





Pay extra attention to your inner dialogue, being extra sensitive to internal dialogue that may speak loudly or softly and seduce you into the idea that you are alone, outcast, or somehow unwanted. This inner conversation originated in a traumatic experience early in your history where you perceive yourself as being alone, and perhaps feeling emotionally overwhelmed and afraid inside this experience, expanding into the illusion that you are all alone at those times. You can recognize that you are being presented with an opportunity for transformation, and it is important to take advantage of that opportunity by being present and awake to your emotions and your consciousness so that you can exercise your power of choice and practice your tools. Consistently choose to navigate your thinking and your emotions back to their true harmonized happy state. Working with the tools and practices for rebalancing the second chakra will support you in transforming these vulnerabilities into your strengths.

How to strengthen you vulnerabilities

Transforming the vulnerabilities of the 2nd chakra into your strength


Physically associated with Lower abdomen to the naval area, sexual, reproductive organs, Large intestine, lower vertebrae, Pelvis, Appendix, Bladder, Kidney, Hip area.


Vulnerability. Arthritis, Chronic low back pain, sexual potency and urinary problems, prostate and ovarian problems, uterine illness, fibroids, menopause severity.


Mental vulnerability, When stressed or challenged the inner dialogue tone is

"I am alone."

"I feel disconnected."

"I feel isolated."

"Everything is chaotic."

“It's all going to hell in a handbasket."

This is all done for you in the meditation above.


Strengthens into the opposite positive form of “You are always connected to your higher power, the highest power of the universe and to all those you are close to.”

“Even when there is no one with you, you are still connected to everything and everyone."


Emotional Vulnerability, When stressed or challenged the tendency of the mood level is fear. Fears overtaking logic, feeling a sense of scarcity, feeling abandoned, overwhelmed, out of balance, unable to cope, and vulnerable to addiction, loss of creative interest, lack of libido.


Strengthens, when met with awareness, breath, and compassion.. into Wisdom

A sense of interconnectedness, feeling plugged in.

A sense of belonging

Sexually and creatively awake

Prosperous, sense of abundance in all things Balanced


Spiritually this path invites you to walk through the reactivity of fear into the wisdom of choosing how you want to respond to life, and it's challenging so that you can turn them into opportunities. Learning that fear is truly just false evidence appearing real. Knowing that you belong in this body, in this life in a way that allows you to experience and enjoy it's pleasuring fully.Arriving into choosing to fully express your creative and sexual energy, in the most pleasurable and balanced way possible, because you belong here in this body, in this life. That you are always connected to all things at all times. 

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This bookio guides you through the experience of transformation from your lower unhappy self to your higher happy self. You get the whole book on audio then at the correct moment; you have links that invite you to participate in the guided meditation transformative tools and the yoga videos that bring all the skills to life in the form of practices. (If bought seperately would cost over $200)

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Second chakra yoga practice


2nd Chakra Butterfly pose


1. Sit with the soles of your feet touching, knees wide.  

2. Place the feet at least a foot in front of the pelvis.  

3. Lengthen the spine up and then extend forward, allowing the spine to drape down into a forward fold.  

4. Rest the head on a bolster or the prop(s) that are appropriate for your body to feel very relaxed in the position.  

5. Breathe peacefully a few times and then soften into the achy sensations in your outer hips and inner thighs.




Allow yourself to recall how your unique creativity was either supported or challenged, allow yourself to recognize how much permission and freedom exists around your own magic, your ability to manifest your life as you want it.




You are an amazing gift to the world and you have been personally invited to join our Rainbow Goddess tribe. The Rainbow Goddess Code is the magical blueprint for living life by design. This group is for women who want their inner gifts ignited and their vulnerabilities transformed as they live life with purpose and passion. Be part of this tribe and learn rich and juicy skills that, when practiced, become the habits of consciously creating the life of your dreams.

You can get the yoga video here

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