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Ari The Artist

You have a unique  access to channeling and essential oils, alongside the healing power of the breath.
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At his best, balanced state, the Artist is expressive, creative, authentic, surrendered, and free. He has overcome control issues and can communicate all his wants and needs and boundaries effectively. The Artist speaks effortlessly and easily in a way that attracts and magnetizes everything that he wants and needs. His hormones are balanced and harmonized, and he takes full responsibility for the life he consciously creates. Surrender is the path to harmony for you. Mastering the art of letting go and finding your voice are the keys to your liberation. Freely speaking your truth inside an energy of compassion allows you come back to your center and reclaim lost inspiration.

The Artist walks the pale blue path of freedom

Let's dive deeper into you

When stressed, you may run into control issues, and power struggles both with your higher and lower self and with those you are in close relationship with. You are vulnerable to repressing your emotional truth to maintain the peace and continue being liked or approved of. This vulnerability can lead to a loss of authenticity and a challenge with knowing who you truly are and what is right for you. It is part of your journey to shed the many roles you have adopted to survive and know the difference between what is you and what is not you, what is the true self and what is false self and not you, not your natural state. This distinction may start out as something obvious and lead to more subtleties as you journey along your path. Practicing the wisdom contained within the serenity prayer is essential for you to find balance and harmony. Your gift of purity and truth reside in the act of practicing the art of surrender. Releasing and letting go of your self-protective mechanism of self-suppression and skilled adaptation around being who others need you to be, are essential for you to find your true self. Surrender here is not at all about giving in or giving up on the self, rather it is about melting into the highest. 


These negative thoughts and feelings can lead you to some challenging behaviors like being inauthentic and repressed and unable to express your emotional truth, which can cause you to carry resentment about sacrificing your needs because they were not expressed and they remain unknown. This adaptation can look like you becoming a chameleon and being the person others want you to be, which can cause you to lose who you really are. Your creative expression could become compromised as you unconsciously energetically push back on your own expression. You benefit from observing when your artist becomes repressed and out of balance. At these times, you can take a step back into your witness and really be observant of your own reactive patterns when you are hurt or stressed or challenged. 


You may find yourself constructing walls of self-protection that can feel insurmountable, but they are not. It serves you to illuminate your wounds fully and know with certainty what they are constructed of. Identifying your fears and inner dialogue in relation to expression, creativity, and power struggles allow you to transmute the repressed emotional energy into powerful, potent, creative energy. Learning to make important choices when you need to make them and having the courage to be spontaneous are essential lessons on your life path.

Be careful not to let others make important choices for you that you have to live with. Learning to speak up for yourself is an important lesson on your path. Remember that you are an adult and overcome the seductions of the inner child that may attempt to silence you, as if they are successful, they will never lead to happiness. Happiness requires that adults act like adults, and an expansion into being entirely responsible for yourself is necessary on this life path. Ego struggles transmute through the fifth chakra and knowing how to navigate this territory successfully is essential for you.


Speaking your truth in a balanced, powerful and effective way is important, and practice makes perfect. As you balance your thoughts and emotions, you support the habit of happiness that creates new positive behaviors of expression, communication, and truth. You may experience greater creative expression in your life as you bring balance into this chakra. This expression allows your creativity to flow providing a greater sense of fulfillment and satisfaction, bringing more balance and harmony into your life. The Artist learns to support his emotional vulnerability of force, control, and over assertion or repression on the physical level by strengthening his thyroid. Pushing more chi through his system allows him to digests his excessive tendency to force or push too forcefully by meeting it with awareness, breath, and compassion. Or if there is a repressive pattern the opposite imbalanced tendency of suppression of truth or expression is supported by meeting it with awareness, breath, and compassion. Using positive memory or imagination that connect to times when feelings of flow; surrendering and being authentic, where strong and available, rebalances this chakra. Working with positive affirmations to nourish the inner-dialogue of the lower mind with positive food, leads to positive possibility, transmuting feelings of being trapped and repressed, into a harmonized happiness state of authenticity, surrender, freedom, and fluidity. This authenticity liberates the Artist into understanding the truth that he is completely free to be his authentic self so that he can fully express the truth of who he is and create his reality accordingly. 


Applying the three steps to master his mind supports the Artist’s sense of well-being and connection. He must recognize that his mental fitness is backed up by his choice to practice and nourish his mind with positive, optimistic thinking, eradicating his illusions and defaulting to negative inner dialogue. Applying the three steps to master his emotions provides the tools and practices that he needs to liberate from his old limited conditioning and his habitual patterns so that he can be connected to his essence, his natural state of fully expressing his authentic self, living in open-hearted connection to his natural state and his happiness. 


Be vigilant when stressed and challenged, of being more reactive when feeling repressed and unable to be free to be yourself. Pay extra attention to your inner dialogue that may speak loudly or softly and seduce you into the idea that you are not allowed to be yourself. This inner conversation may have originated in a traumatic experience early in your history where you perceived yourself as being trapped, which somehow disallowed you to be yourself and perhaps lead you to feel emotionally overwhelmed and afraid, expanding into the illusion that you are unable to be who you are. At those times, you are being presented with an opportunity for transformation, and it is important to take advantage of that opportunity by being present and awake to your emotions and your consciousness so that you can exercise your power of choice and practice your tools. 


Consistently choose to navigate your thinking and your emotions back to their actual harmonized happy state. You are invited to remove all wounds related to your sense of repression, feeling suffocated and trapped, enabling you to be fully expressive so that you can realize your full potential. This skill supports you in cultivating a strong sense of expression and authenticity, allowing you to release all protections and defenses around the throat and the neck area, transforming fear-based energy into love-based energy. The transmutation of fear into love happening in the fifth chakra makes this area vulnerable toover activity that can weaken your physical system to the point of illness. This area is the bridge to the higher chakras and the higher consciousness. Expressing your compassionate, authentic truth is one of the benefits of this path liberating you into a new relationship with truth. Balancing control issues and mastering the art of surrender are achieved. This path is physically related to the throat, thyroid, and mouth cancer. Working with the tools and practices for rebalancing the fifth chakra will support you in transforming these vulnerabilities into your strengths.



Transforming the vulnerabilities of the 5th chakra into your strengths     


Physically associated with       

Throat, thyroid, trachea, neck, vertebrae, mouth, teeth, gums, jaw, esophagus, parathyroid, hypothalamus.

Vulnerability. Raspy throat, chronic sore throat, mouth ulcers, gum difficulties, TMJ, scoliosis, laryngitis, swollen glands, thyroid problems.    

Mental vulnerability, When stressed or challenged the inner dialogue tone is   

"I am unable to speak up for myself."

 "I feel repressed."      

"I hate lies,"

"I need people to tell me the truth."   

 I feel like I have to force things to go my way."     




Strengthens into the opposite positive form of  "I am free to express my authentic truth compassionately."  “I can speak up for myself and easily express my wants and needs.”     

Emotional Vulnerability, When stressed or challenged the tendency of the mood level is repressed, suffocating, trapped, stuck, suppressed.”      

Strengthens, when met with awareness, breath, and compassion.. into Freedom of self-expression, personal empowerment to find authentic self.

Spiritually this path invites you to walk through the discomfort of stagnation, repression, and disconnection from the self. This practice brings you back to your own authenticity, freedom to connect to who you truly are and express that to others. On this journey, you can expect to encounter many forms of challenge to this vulnerability to disconnect from your own truth and align with other’s truth, until this experience becomes so uncomfortable that you are invited to decide to express your own truth honestly and compassionately.


Top ten techniques for the path.   


1.) State of relaxed wakefulness, (PRESENCE PRACTICE) A.) Notice for yourself, with curious investigation, all your physical sensations. B.) Feel all of your feelings, emotions, energy in motion C.) Notice the monkey mind, let go of thinking so that you can connect to the witness aspect of consciousness.

2.) Breath

3.) Awareness

4.) Compassion

5.) Visualizations

6.) Positive memory

7.) Raised emotional frequency

8.) Skillful questions

9.) Affirmations  

10.) Behavior changes after nourishment and practice










5th chakra yoga pose spinal twist


1. Lie on your back.   

2. Bring the right knee towards your chest and with your left hand pull it over to the left side into a twist.   

3. Extend your right arm out to the right.  

4. Change sides after 5 long slow deep breaths.

1.) Do you feel free to speak your truth. Where you allowed to be yourself and speak up for yourself in your childhood? How do you feel when you do express your truth? Do you feel safe and supported? 



































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