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Marlin The Master

You have a natural access to spirit guides, angels and archangels.

When balanced and in your strength, you are a highly spiritual person and find it easy to stay connected to the truth of who you are as a spiritual being. You have a strong faith and understand how it feels to trust yourself, those that you love and the universe. At times of clarity and health, you can feel your connection to all things. Your greatest gift is faith, and through the practice of choosing trust, you expand into your highest self. When you are expansive and connected to the highest expression of who you are, you can choose trust even in the face of others demonstrating their lower self and acting out in untrustworthy ways. Your ability to see the highest possibility in others holds the space for them to rise to be the best that they can be. When happy and balanced, you are connected to faith, joy, trust, and seem to be connected to everything around you. 

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The Master walks the violet path of enlightenment

Let's dive deeper into you

The Master learned to fortify his emotional vulnerability of not trusting and isolation by strengthening his crown chakra. Pushing more chi though his system allows him to digest his feelings of isolation and distrust by meeting them with awareness breath and compassion. Using positive memory or imagination connecting to times when feelings of trust, a sense of deep connection, and an awareness of his light and divinity are strong. Working with positive affirmations nourishes the inner-dialogue of the lower mind with positive food, leading to positive possibility and the transmuting of his isolation and distrust into his harmonized happiness state of trust and connection. This liberates him into understanding the truth that he is completely free to fully awaken his light and be connected with his own divine nature and the divinity of others and the universe. He realizes that he is free to be trusting and connected even when those around are not free or able to trust.

He recognizes that his mental fitness is supported by his choice to practice and nourish his mind with positive, optimistic thinking, eradicating his illusions and default negative inner-dialogue. This along, with applying the three steps to master his emotions, provide the tools and practices that he needs to liberate from his old limited conditioning and his habitual pattern. Now he can be connected to his essence, his natural state of being fully connected, and engaged with everything around him, living in open-hearted connection to his happiness.  This practice also liberates any trapped inspirational energy so that he can connect to his motivation to create an experience and reality in his life that is rooted in faith and expanded by choosing to trust himself, the ones that he loves and the universe.    


             The negative thoughts and feelings can lead you into challenging behaviors like being cynical, skeptical, suspicious or a naysayer. Happiness requires that you have an inner theology or spirituality that can withstand the storms of life. It does not matter what tradition it comes from, what is important is that your inner spiritual truth, in fact, is a genuine spiritual truth that actually nurtures you. You benefit from consistently attending to your spiritual life, not just visit it when things go wrong.

The Divine light in you can be ignited by using the tools provided here and by the audio and video practices. The Sacred is in every breath of life, yours included, and it’s simply a question of finding it and practicing it. Otherwise, when out of balance, you are vulnerable to feeling disconnected, isolated, alone even feeling outcast. I call the crown chakra "the key to happiness," because when it opens, one’s experiences of expansion and joy is fully activated. When the crown chakra is open, the feeling that life is good naturally occurs, and depression and other painful emotions are reduced. There exists a sense of trust that experiences have value and purpose – even painful ones and that one's life is a part of a larger evolutionary plan. Inspiration, trust, devotion, and spontaneity all open the crown chakra creating a feeling of spiritual connection.



            Be vigilant when stressed and challenged of being more reactive and feeling distrustful and suspicious and disconnected from both yourself and others. Pay extra attention to the inner dialogue that may speak loudly or softly and seduce you into the idea that you are untrustworthy or that it is not safe for you to trust others, compromising your faith and pushing you into doubt and skepticism. This inner conversation originated in a traumatic experience early in your history where you perceived yourself as being disconnected and perhaps lead to feeling emotionally overwhelmed and afraid inside this experience, expanding into the illusion that you actually are isolated and not connected, not where you belong. At those times you are being presented with an opportunity for transformation, and it is important to take advantage of that opportunity by being present and awake to your emotions and your consciousness so that you can exercise your power of choice and practice your tools. Consistently choose to navigate your thinking and your emotions back to their actual harmonized happy state. You are invited to clear all wounds related to your sense of isolation, disconnection and not belonging, enabling you to be fully open-hearted and surrendered into trusting and connecting so that you can realize your full potential.

             This rebalancing supports you in cultivating a strong sense of belonging, connection, and trust, allowing you to release all protections and defenses around the ideas of not trusting, being suspicious and skeptical, which is what isolates and separates us. Rebalancing the wounds of the seventh chakra supports your deeply surrendered trust in relationships both with yourself and with others. You can reclaim your lost motivation to create and your inspiration returns as you rebalance all injuries and wounds associated with your relationship with spirituality and your relationship with the highest power of the universe. Here you are invited to clear and rebalance all wounds and misperceptions related to how you perceive God, spirituality, and trust, infusing you with faith and courage and inspiration. This path is physically related to depression, exhaustion, energy, and skin disorders. Working with the tools and practices for rebalancing the seventh chakra will support you in transforming these vulnerabilities into your strengths.


Transforming the vulnerabilities of the 7th chakra into your strengths   

Physically associated with the Muscular system, energetic system disorders, skeletal system, skin, connective tissue, nadis.      


Vulnerability. Spiritual depression, sensitivity to light, sound and other environmental factors.   

When stressed or challenged the inner dialogue tone is “I can’t trust others”  “I don’t have any faith in

Mental vulnerability,

or belief in anything” “I can’t see the bigger picture” “I don’t feel inspired  "I feel disconnected" "I have lost all hope."   

Strengthens into the opposite positive form of  

"I choose to trust others."  

“I surrender all judgments, and have faith that everything to."  

"I feel my connection to all things."   

"I am hopeful that my life will go well."   




Emotional Vulnerability,  A feeling of isolation, disconnection and isolation, hopelessness and a loss of inspiration, feeling lethargic and disinterested.  

Strengthens, when met with awareness, breath, and compassion.. into  

Hope, inspiration and a strong sense of connection, to all things, at all times.  

Spiritually: This path invites you to walk through the challenge of not trusting yourself, others and the Universe. Your opportunity lies in navigating from not trusting that goodness is possible, or a lack of belief in the benevolence of the universe, towards the choice that you reside in a friendly universe that is always conspiring to support you in your growth, wellness and evolution. As you travel along this path, it is predictable that you will be brought into circumstances that can, if you allow them, indicate that others are not to be trusted. You can arrive at the choice that you will grant trust to others and not wait for them to demonstrate trustworthy behavior but you can choose to take a leap of faith and witness what happens.




7th Chakra yoga practice










1.) Bring the bolster width ways behind you lying back over the bolster allowing the

shoulders to slide off the bolster resting the head on the folded blanket.


2.) Make sure the head is lower than the chest.





























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