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Nancy The Nurturer

The Nurturer walks the yellow path of deep self-love

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You are gifted in understanding the healing power of nurturing and can highlight the importance of self love. you are skilled at empowering others and have an ability to see how you and others benefit from expanding self love.

When balanced, the nurturer is giving and kind and generous towards the self and others. She knows how to extend kindness and compassion to support all those she touches. She is empowered when in the right relationship with her personal power, knowing how to assert for her needs to be met, never forcing or pushing too hard, nor being weak on her boundaries, appearing whishy washy. She is in the right relationship with her confidence striking the perfect balance so that her self-assurance is a great asset magnetizing everything and everyone that supports her manifestations. 

Let's dive deeper into you!

She knows about self-love and practices excellent self-care. There is a deep sense of inner peace, calmness, and inner equanimity. The Nurturer contains a bright inner-light that shines out and touches everyone with its positive glow of caring, kindness and deep compassion. There is a knowing of her true value and a deep sense of worthiness that shines through.

             At your best, you are confident, kind, caring, and powerful. You could be considered to be an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. You have a deep connection to your value that communicates this truth to others, and you can easily command respect and easily be the most powerful force in any room.  

When stressed or challenged, it is hard for you to remember the truth of your own value. You are vulnerable to limiting yourself, as you question your capacity, ability, and worthiness and all the goodness that you are very capable of creating. Your gifts reside in knowing your value to the degree that you feel worthy of having all the goodness you are capable of creating for yourself. You may struggle with power issues in relationships and find yourself inside power struggles.

An imbalanced third chakra can lead you into overexertion of power and seduce you into being vindictive, mean, cold, calculated, and manipulative, which of course, leads to nothing but problems, sleepless nights and an even deeper commitment to your self-loathing, as you give yourself more cause to hate yourself. It is important not to give yourself any more reasons to dislike yourself, as this is the vulnerability of this chakra. This vulnerability makes you want to strike back harder when someone hurts you. Freedom and healing reside in resisting that temptation that would lead you into finally healing this painful wound. Or conversely, it can lead to feeling like a victim and powerless which also can stimulate the same desire for revenge or manipulation. This reflects an imbalance in relationship with power and a loss of inspiration inside this imbalance and liberation to reclaim inspiration as you rebalance this chakra.

I know that it is tough to convince an ego that wants revenge that turning the other cheek really is your salvation but practicing this tough lesson actually liberates your spirit to finally forgiving those who have hurt you. This choice supports the growth of your spirit into the joy of knowing your intrinsic value and worth without any exertion of effort on your part to seek revenge, control, gain the upper hand, have authority, or a pseudo puffed up sense of your power. 

These thoughts and feelings can lead you into challenging behaviors like finding yourself wrong and beating yourself up leading you to sabotage your own happiness and trap your inspiration leaving you depleted, repressed and unmotivated, deciding that you are unworthy and unloved. Others may perceive that you waste time feeling sorry for yourself, losing yourself inside a self-indulgent pity party. You may find yourself both voluntarily and involuntarily involved in power struggles all around your life, in your work relationships, and in your love relationships. You may be very sensitive to others' negative judgments of you, while at the same time, indulging in your own judgments of them and of yourself. Your skin may be thin in relation to feeling wrong and be intolerant of the slightest hint or suggestion that you have done something incorrectly. Your anxiety may cause you to worry and ruminate unnecessarily about everything, spending lots of time and energy involved in being concerned about things, that most likely, will never happen. Phobias of all kinds could surface if you get too far out of balance. 

Expanding into your natural state of confidence and magnetism causes you to become the life and soul of any party. You will be easily able to exert your positive influence positively, knowing your own worth supports you in acting with dignity and strength, power and balance, allowing you to be completely yourself. At your best, you can create a win/win in all situations so that everyone feels loved and cared for. This brings more balance, peace, equanimity, and harmony into your life. As you expand into allowing yourself to be more confident, alive and present, you find your positive power and exert that positive, balanced influence that brings abundant, nurturing energy, love, and happiness to everyone around you. Being connected to your own self-love and balanced personal power allows you to invite others to find that place within them.

The art of self-love is of utmost importance to self-esteem, and developing a healthy sense of your own intrinsic value is extremely important to your happiness. The third chakra is the center where you can develop a healthy sense of your own value, both with yourself and others. This is the center where we are invited to discern the difference between healthy and unhealthy ego function. Being in alignment with our truth and our intrinsic values is necessary for us to create balance in this chakra. Connecting with and operating from your own guiding principles liberates you to your highest happiest self. Walking our talk supports us in finding our power, which is another fundamental element to arriving at health here in the third chakra center.

             The vulnerability of this chakra is to believe in your own powerlessness, the opportunity, and the strength resides in understanding that you are all powerful in the creation of your life and your happiness. In relationship to happiness, it is important to realize that you can create your life your way and that your choices contribute to your experience of happiness.

             The Nurturer learns to fortify her emotional vulnerability of anxiety by strengthening her stomach meridian. Pushing more chi through her system allows her to digests her anxiety by meeting it with awareness breath and compassion. She uses positive memory or imagination, connecting to times when feelings of positive confidence and positive pride were present inside, with experiences of feeling good about herself when she knew she was worthy of goodness. Working with positive affirmations to nourish the inner dialogue of the lower mind with positive food leading to the positive possibility, transmutes her anxious, adrenalized state into her harmonized happiness state of peace and equanimity. Liberatingher into understanding the truth that she is always perfectly loved and lovable just as she is and knowing she is deserving and worthy of love both from herself and others. This helps her to remember that she is powerful and confident and capable of creating a great life for herself. 

She applies the three steps to master her mind supports her sense of well-being and connection. She can recognize that her mental fitness is supported by her choice to practice and nourish her mind with positive, optimistic thinking which eradicates her illusions and default negative inner dialogue. This, along with applying the three steps to master her emotions, provides the tools and practices she needs to liberate from her old limited conditioning and her habitual patterns so that she can be connected to her essence, her natural state, and her happiness. 

Be vigilant when stressed and challenged to be more reactive to feeling unworthy and anxious. Pay extra attention to your inner dialogue, being extra sensitive to inner dialogue that may speak loudly or softly and seduce you into the idea that you are unworthy, less than, and somehow undeserving. This inner conversation originated in a traumatic experience early in your history where you perceived yourself as unworthy and perhaps feeling emotionally overwhelmed, and you maybe are afraid of repeating this experience expanding into the illusion that you actually are undeserving of love. 

             At those times you are presented with an opportunity for transformation, it is important to take advantage of that opportunity by being present and awake to your emotions and your consciousness so that you can exercise your power of choice and practice your tools. Consistently choose to navigate your thinking and your emotions back to their true harmonized happy state. You are invited to clear all wounds related to your sense of self-esteem and personal power, enabling you to be fully empowered so that you can realize your full potential. This supports you in cultivating a strong sense of confidence. This path is physically related to stomach disorders, ulcers, liver dysfunction bulimia, and hepatitis. Working with the tools and practices for rebalancing the third chakra will support you in transforming these vulnerabilities into your strengths. Any inspiration that may have been trapped, suppressed or lost inside the experience of feeling unworthy or losing personal power is available to be reclaimed here by revisiting that experience and bringing awareness, breath, and compassion to it. 

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Transforming the vulnerabilities of the 3rd chakra into your strengths :


Physically associated with Abdomen and stomach, upper intestines, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, adrenal glands, spleen, middle spine, solar plexus      

Vulnerability. Arthritis, acute indigestion, gastric or duodenal ulcer, upper colon problems, pancreatitis, diabetes, anorexia, bulimia, hepatitis, adrenal dysfunction.   

Mental vulnerability, When stressed or challenged the inner dialogue tone is “I am not worthy” “I am not enough” “I am not good enough” "I am powerless/helpless. I can’t change or control anything anyway” “It’s useless/hopeless."   

Strengthens into the opposite positive form of  “You are enough as you are, right here, right now” “You are perfectly loved and lovable just as you are.”   

“You are powerful and strong and capable of creating whatever you want in your life.” Emotional Vulnerability, When stressed or challenged the tendency of the mood level is anxiety, over excitability, stress.      

Strengthens, when met with awareness, breath, and compassion.. into   

Internal peace, and equanimity.     

Feeling balanced.      

Calmness, feeling at ease    


Spiritually this path invites you to walk through the disturbed states of anxiety and over excitement, by using all the tools provided here, so that it can transform into an inner reality that is calm, peaceful and relaxed. By being introduced to experiences that can seduce you into believing your own powerlessness, so that you can discover the truth of your own power and expand into your true balanced expression of positive power, that is creative, strong and potent.











1.) Come to lie on the belly and rising up into the sphinx pose with the elbows directly beneath the shoulders.

2.) Slumping so that everything is completely passive so that gravity can have you.

3.) Let go of all the muscles in the legs.

4.) Inviting all the energy that you have gathered in your 2nd chakra to rise up into the area of your solar plexus 2 or 3 inches above the navel.    










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