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Gareth The Guru

You are a natural at all things intuitive, I encourage you to pursue tarot and oracle cards, alongside vision quests and the healing power of visualization.

When balanced, the Guru is insightful, intuitive, visionary, clear, wise, and certain. You have the gift of intuition, sight, and knowingness. You have a sharp mind and are intelligent, able to strike a balance brilliantly between intellectual and intuitive knowledge. You can be ambitious and may desire prestige; you can demonstrate gentle strength and consistency. You can have great mental strength and clarity, vision, and sight. You are easily capable of great positivity and optimism and know how to work with your thoughts to support your desires and your manifestations. You are easily inspired and very capable of originality. You desire intensity and to have a full experience of life. When balanced, you are easily able to see mental images both from your past and your future, which gifts you with a strong clairvoyant ability. You are capable of generating great ideas and accessing great intuitive knowledge, marrying these two aspects most positively.   

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Let's dive deeper into you

The Guru walks the deep blue path of clarity

When out of balance doubt, confusion and indecision are the traps you need to liberate from to claim your ability to see clearly and take ownership of your intuitive capacity. Stress can cause you to sit on fences and refuse to have any strong or clear opinion about anything along with an active inner dialogue that can convince you that you don't really know anything for sure. Second-guessing yourself and taking two sides on a topic can cause you and those around you much frustration and disconnect you from who you really are and the wisdom that you innately have. Being confused and residing in the purgatory of an inner dialogue of "I don't know" is your greatest challenge and your greatest opportunity. Stress causes you to have difficulty with finding clarity and making choices, which can easily lead to stagnation or slow moving changes in your life. Your opportunity arises from nourishing your thoughts with positive certain language and affirmations, which support you in being decisive and clear even if you have to fake it till you make it until you arrive at a place of certainty.  

These thoughts and feelings can lead you into challenging behaviors like being crippled by doubt and confusion and a lack of certainty about everything. When out of balance you can easily stagnate and become paralyzed by your life choices. You have a great intuitive and telepathic capacity, but when out of balance, it is hard for you to see the truth or know what is right. When out of balance, you may be tempted to play mind games with others or yourself. When you live your truth and are clear, this expands your integrity and your happiness. If you live in denial about things or if you harbor secrets, creating a happy life will not be easy. Happiness thrives on open, clean air, and clear open communication. You dilute your happiness opportunities if you are always wondering if a secret has slipped out the back door. Keep your mind in the higher altitudes, try always to choose the high road, and resist the temptation to indulge in gossip and rumor spreading.


Don’t dwell in fear, and if fears are controlling you, then do something about that. Everyone experiences fear. Don’t let fears control your mind or your life. They can seep into your mind, and then your cells are saturated with fear, illusions, and misperceptions. Imagine for a minute that you have no fear of being fully yourself and all of who you are. How does that feel? Keep your mind focused on that feeling and you will create that reality. It serves you to illuminate your wounds fully and know with certainty what they are constructed of regarding thought and emotion. Identify your fears and inner dialogue in relationship to your own inner knowing and your intuitive capacity. Make meaningful choices when you need to make them. Have the courage to be certain about what you know and what you want and go for it.


Being vigilant, when stressed and challenged of being more doubtful and feeling confused and unclear. Pay extra attention to your inner dialogue that may speak loudly or softly and seduce you into the idea that you don't know anything. This inner conversation originated in a traumatic experience early in your history where you felt overwhelmed and confused, perhaps even stupid for not understanding. Perhaps beingafraid inside this experience expanded into the illusion that you are unable to be who you are. At those times, you are being presented with an opportunity for awakening, and it is important to take advantage of that opportunity by being present and aware of your emotions and your consciousness so that you can exercise your power of choice and practice your tools. 

You benefit from choosing consistently to navigate your thinking and your emotions back to their actual harmonized happy state. You are invited to remove all wounds related to your sense of confusion, doubt, and indecision, enabling you to be fully clear so that you can realize your full potential. This clearing supports you in cultivating a strong sense of certainty and knowingness. As you to release all protections and defenses around the third eye and forehead area, you transform fear-based energy into love-based energy. The transmutation of fear based consciousness into love-based consciousness here supports you arriving at the truth that you already know everything there is to know to have a happy experience of life.   


Your gifts open up as you trust your intuitive information and balance that with your intellectual knowledge. In rebalancing all injuries and wounds associated with intuition and divine guidance, you arrive into your intuitive birthright, liberating you from overactive thinking and negative mental patterns. This balance will support you in re-establishing right relationship and balance with clear and direct insight and intelligence. Your happiness is established through your cultivation of mental fitness, positive thinking, and optimism. This path is physically related to stroke, brain tumors blindness, deafness, and neurological disturbance. Using the tools and practices suggested for sixth chakra rebalancing transforms these vulnerabilities into strengths. You have an opportunity to reclaim lost inspiration caused by the experience of confusion and doubt by expanding into certainty and faith. The choice to be certain and the extension ofloving kindness towards yourself and the resulting reclamation of lost energy support this expansion.

Transforming the vulnerabilities of the 6th chakra into your strengths


Physically associated with, seeing the opportunity in the challenge.

Brain, nervous system, eyes, ears, nose, sinus, pineal gland. 

Vulnerability. Brain tumor, hemorrhage, stroke, neurological disturbances, blindness and deafness, spinal difficulties, seizures.  

Mental vulnerability, When stressed or challenged the inner dialogue tone is “I’m confused, I can’t decide.” “I don’t know what’s right, what to do, anything” “I can’t see, I can’t visualize” “I already know everything, I don't have anything left to learn." 

Strengthens into the opposite positive form of   “I know what to do.” “I trust my intuition.” "I am clear and confident." 



Emotional Vulnerability, When stressed or challenged the tendency of the mood level is doubt, uncertainty, indecision, passivity, or the opposite of arrogance, ignorance, and a know it all tendency.  

Strengthens, when met with awareness, breath, and compassion.. into   

Balance between intellect and intuition, clarity, certainty, vision, clairvoyance


Spiritually : This path invites you to walk through the challenge of confusion, indecision, and disconnection from your own innate knowingness. On this path, it is easy to be seduced into a false sense of knowingness that puffs up into arrogance or an incorrect idea of unknowingness that spirals down into confusion. As you gather strength on this path, your spirit will co-create with the Universe the experience of being thrust into experiences that cause greater and greater confusion, until you meet and transform whatever obstructs you from expanding into the truth of your own clarity





















You are an amazing gift to the world and you have been personally invited to join our Rainbow Goddess tribe. The Rainbow Goddess Code is the magical blueprint for living life by design. This group is for women who want their inner gifts ignited and their vulnerabilities transformed as they live life with purpose and passion. Be part of this tribe and learn rich and juicy skills that, when practiced, become the habits of consciously creating the life of your dreams.


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