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You have and innate understanding of and connection to all things love, you understand the healing capacity of the heart, I encourage you to explore heartmath and their healing tools alongside the tools shared on this link.
To get an in depth view of your gifts and  gain a deeper understanding of how you may sabotage yourself click the link below. 


When balanced, you are the most loving, joyful, giving heart-centered person around. Your love is palpable and a vibration that attracts everyone around you to their own loving hearts. You are capable of great joy, generosity, and kindness. You have a willingness to be vulnerable, as you have an innate understanding of the gifts of that choice. You understand about intimacy and naturally practice the three spiritual laws of intimacy. You can be connected to your emotions in a way that allows you to be truthful about what you are feeling in each moment. You can remove the walls of self-protection that you built around the heart that prevent you from experiencing the pain of rejection and at the same time, prevent you from fully giving and receiving love, which is, in fact, the opportunity of the fourth chakra. You are also able to confess all your fears and worries and doubts that may be plaguing you and those you are closest to. 

Lilly The Lover

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The Lover walks the green path of unconditional love

Let's dive deeper into you

Your greatest strength is the gift of unconditional love yet when stressed; you may find that you have a lot of grief, sadness, or jealousy. You are invited to free yourself of all automatic self-protective mechanisms of avoiding love, vulnerability, and open-hearted connection so that you can fully open your heart and share the abundant well spring of joy, happiness, and care that you have at your fingertips. Your gifts reside beneath the armoring of self-protective walls around the heart, and in choosing to dismantle those walls, you will expand into a well spring of unconditional love. The Lover learns to fortify her emotional vulnerability of heartbreak and grief by strengthening her heart meridian. Pushing more chi through her system allows her to digests her grief and sadness by meeting it with awareness breath and compassion. The Lover uses positive memory or imagination when connecting to times when feelings of love, compassion and kindness, and open-heartedness were present. If there truly is no memory to recall from then, simply imagine what it would be like to have love in your life.


Working with positive affirmations to nourish the inner-dialogue of the lower mind with positive food leading to positive possibility transmutes her grief, sadness, and heartbreak into her harmonized happiness state of unconditional love. This liberates her into understanding the truth that she is completely free to open her heart fully so that she can fully give and receive love. Then she is free to be generous and loving even when those around are not free or able to love. 





She recognizes that her mental fitness is supported by applying the three steps to master her mind and by her choice to practice and nourish her mind with positive, optimistic thinking, eradicating her illusions and default negative inner dialogue. This mental mastery along with applying the three steps to master her emotions provides the tools and practices that she needs to liberate herself from her old limited conditioning and her habitual patterns. She can be connected to her essence, her natural state of fully giving and receiving love and live in open-hearted connection to her happiness. 

You can get the meditation here

How to manage stress.

When stressed and challenged these thoughts and feelings can lead you into challenging behaviors like being cold-hearted, distant, uncaring, and even jealous and vindictive. When you are hurt or stressed or challenged, you need to watch out for these demons when your Lover goes out of balance with the ones that you love. You may find yourself constructing walls of self-protection that can feel insurmountable for yourself and the ones you love.  

The fear of intimacy or emotional pain may cause you to make poor choices in relation to your partner, such as rejecting them and finding fault. If you don't have a partner, you may remain single and always find a fatal flaw with each new relationship possibility you are presented with, navigating you back to the heartbreak in your history that you are attempting to heal. These destructive behavior choices trap you in a low vibrational pattern of reach and withdrawal, doing a two-step in intimacy that is painful and limited, leaving the most precious and vulnerable parts of yourself lonely, unknown, and untouched. Similar to the trauma of the Adventurer, the Lover wants deep love and intimacy more than anyone, yet holds every possibility at arm's length in deference to the sense ofpseudo safety that arises from self - protected aloneness. Open-hearted kindness and connection is the way forward for the Lover, yet as simple as it sounds, when wounded and stressed by difficult circumstances, opening the heart may feel impossible. When you do make a choice to open your heart and extend love with kindness and compassion, you discover a never - ending supply of love available for you to give and receive. This contributes to an endless supply of energy, vitality, and health that is available to you, allowing you to be accepting of what is. As you balance your thoughts and emotions, you support the habit of happiness that creates new positive behaviors of optimism, balance, courage, and openness towards love and intimacy. Any lost or trapped inspiration can be reclaimed inside the choice to fully open your heart so that you can fully give and receive love.

Cleaning out your heart center allows you to start fresh. If you want to be happy, reboot, take inventory, and clean the slate and create your updated version of your guiding principles. Carrying baggage and repeating your wounded inner dialogue and old stories, again and again, is self-destructive. Punishing others for your bad days and unhappy childhood is cruel – although many find it useful as a control mechanism. If you want a happy life with someone, or just yourself, you will benefit from cleaning out your heart center and falling madly in love with your life, or at least, falling in love with something about your life.


“Happiness is about cleaning out your heart and nurturing the graces that matter: hope,

love, and forgiveness. Let the past go. And don't be shy about telling others you love

them or that you are sorry for something. You may not have a second chance.” Unknown.


You may experience greater abundance in your life as you bring balance into this chakra. This allows your creativity to flow, providing a greater sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. This holds the vision for positive possibility and gives you and others the space to rise to your highest possible behavior choices. This brings more balance, peace, equanimity, and harmony into your life. As you expand into open-hearted giving and receiving of love, you behave in ways that reflect these feelings, which allows you to be more vulnerable, alive, and present.


Be vigilant when stressed and challenged; to be less reactive to feeling jealous or vindictive and disconnected from the heart. Pay extra attention to your inner dialogue, and be extra sensitive to inner dialogue that may speak loudly or softly and seduce you into the idea that you are unlovable. This inner conversation originated in a traumatic experience early in your history, where you perceived yourself as being unloved and somehow un-loveable. This may have lead to feeling emotionally overwhelmed and afraid, expanding into the illusion that you actually are un-loveable.

At those times, you are being presented with an opportunity for transformation, and it is important to take advantage of that opportunity by being present and awake to your emotions and your consciousness so that you can exercise your power of choice and practice your tools. Consistently choose to navigate your thinking and your emotions back to their true harmonized happy state. You are invited to clear all wounds related to your sense of grief, heartbreak, and sadness, enabling you to be fully open-hearted and unconditionally loving so that you can realize your full potential. This supports you in cultivating a strong sense of compassion and kindness and unconditional love, allowing you to release all protections and defenses around the heart, which actually isolate and separate you. Rebalancing this chakra supports your open-hearted compassion in relationship with yourself and others. This path is also physically related to all heart issues, asthma, allergies, and lung and breast cancer. Working with the tools and practices for rebalancing the fourth chakra will support you in transforming these vulnerabilities into your strengths.


You can get your yoga video here

CHAKRA FOUR YOGA POSE Triple Facing Diamond



1.) Lying on the back bring the arms over the top of the head with the thumbs and the index fingers touching making the shape of a diamond. (Stimulating the heart chakra as the heart meridian runs the length of the arms to the fingertips and raising the arms helps to stimulate this meridian.)

2.) Bring the soles of the feet together, and let the knees fall apart.






You are an amazing gift to the world and you have been personally invited to join our Rainbow Goddess tribe. The Rainbow Goddess Code is the magical blueprint for living life by design. This group is for women who want their inner gifts ignited and their vulnerabilities transformed as they live life with purpose and passion. Be part of this tribe and learn rich and juicy skills that, when practiced, become the habits of consciously creating the life of your dreams.




This bookio guides you through the experience of transformation from your lower unhappy self to your higher happy self. You get the whole book on audio then at the correct moment; you have links that invite you to participate in the guided meditation transformative tools and the yoga videos that bring all the skills to life in the form of practices. (If bought seperately would cost over $200)

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