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Michelle’s bio


An intuitively gifted counselor, teacher and holistic practitioner Michelle has been creating spiritual technology, tools and techniques for the last 20 years.

Specializing in


  • Intuitive readings.

  • Mental and Emotional Mastery. (Overcoming fear and negative emotional habits)

  • Energy wellness, chakra rebalancing

  • Yoga training



She is passionate about supporting you master your mind and your emotions so that you can connect to your authentic self. 

Sharing powerful transformative tools that inspire the habits of health and happiness.


  • Transform fear into love based consciousness.

  • Change negative emotions into their opposite positive high emotional frequency.

  • Transform the core cry of the chakras.

  • Heal the root cause of mental and emotional negativity

  • Inspiring the habits of happiness, pleasure and health

  • Free yourself from negative relationship habits and learn the art of loving the self.




Learn the methods that support you in cultivating the habit of positivity, health and happiness.

Call 650 270 0940 for a free 15 min consultation


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